Comic Con!!!!!

Who went to Comic Con!?

Who took pictures at Comic Con?

Who Wants to submit their awesome pictures to the blog for a special edition cosplay post!?

Correct Answers:

Oh oh I did!

Oh oh me, I did that too!

I’m submitting right now!


Thank you for that birthday shout out Wednesday! love the blog

You are absolutely welcome! Thank you for the requests and the blog love!

*Blog love….. that sounds slightly nasty. haha*

She Hulk by Joseph Michael Linsner

6She Hulk, Joseph Michael Linsner, Marvel babes, Marvel Comics,

The Enchantress by Jason Pearson

6the enchantress, jason pearson, Marvel Comics, Marvel babes,

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy by Jason Pearson

6Harley Quinn, poison Ivy, DC comics, DC Babes, jason pearson,

Black Canary by Jason Pearson

6black canary, DC comics, DC Babes, jason pearson,

Poison Ivy by Jason Pearson

6poison Ivy, jason pearson, DC comics, DC Babes,

Can we get some NSFW sailor scouts?

I definitely have some here for you